Marketing/Sponsorship Opportunities

Active Minds welcomes partnerships with organizations that share our passion for lifelong learning and wish to be associated with our efforts. Available programs include:

Website Listing
Communicate your message to visitors to the Active Minds website. This includes:

  • Up to 50 words of copy describing what you have to offer.
  • Your logo, title line, and website address all hyperlinked to your website.
  • Automatic inclusion in the Active Minds referral network.
  • Free additional hyperlink to your site in our “partners” section.
  • Click here to see samples.
  • Cost: $125 per month.

E-Newsletter Listing
Communicate your message via the Active Minds e-newsletter. This includes:

  • Same listing format as website listing (above), but in our e-newsletter.
  • E-mailed to our database every two weeks.
  • Click here to see sample.
  • Cost: See packages below.

Package: Website/E-Newsletter Listing: General
Combine the website and e-newsletter listings to maximize your reach. This includes:

  • Everything listed above for website and e-newsletter listings.
  • Cost: $225 per month.

Package: Website/E-Newsletter Listing: Specific Event
Promote your own event (open house, educational program, or special event) to the Active Minds database via the website and e-newsletter listings. This includes:

  • Everything listed above for website and e-newsletter listings.
  • Priority listing position as your event date approaches (rises to top). Event can be listed for up to two months prior to the date of the event.
  • Featured e-mail mention (event highlighted in top section of e-mails).
  • Cost: $525 per event.

Event Sponsorship
Sponsor Active Minds programming at venues that are not typically available for promotional opportunities. This includes:

  • Opportunity to talk with participants at event and distribute literature.
  • Formal recognition of sponsorship by instructor at event.
  • Acknowledgement and hyperlink to sponsor site on event listing on Active Minds website calendar and e-newsletter.
  • Click here to see a list of sponsorable events.
  • Cost: $175-$275 per event.

Marketing Event
Reach a different lead and prospect demographic by creating an Active Minds marketing event at your location that focuses on a current issue of importance in the world. This package includes:

  • Two hour event format, with socializing before and after the program.
  • One hour program on a compelling topic, presented by an Active Minds instructor.
  • Customized flyer to promote the event.
  • Active Minds staff is on hand throughout the event.
  • Customized data capture/evaluations provided if desired.
  • Documentation and consultation on “best practices” to get the most out of the event.
  • Listing on the Active Minds website, with "Special Event" designation.
  • Inclusion on the Active Minds printed schedule.
  • Inclusion in our e-mail newsletter of upcoming events.
  • Hyperlinks to your website included on all electronic listings.
  • Map links to your address included on all electronic listings.
  • Optional custom mailing to Active Minds database (see below).
  • Click here to see summary results data from Marketing Events.
  • Cost: $425-$525 per event. For $50 less you can do what we call a "Community Event" which does not have the extra hour of social time and is not quite as extensively promoted.

Mailing to the Active Minds Database
Promote your event with a custom mailing to the Active Minds database.

  • Custom sort by zip code to reach your target geography.
  • High quality database consisting of all “opt in” sign ups.
  • Typical show up rate for Active Minds events of 5-10% of mailing.
  • Printing, stuffing, and mailing all provided by Active Minds.
  • Optional inclusion of your brochure at no extra charge.
  • Cost: $1.25 per address plus postage. Minimum quantity may apply.

Use of Active Minds Logo/Brand
As an Active Minds partner, you are welcome to use our logo and brand free of charge on your website, print ads, promotional material, or community tours. We simply ask that you let us know when you do this. Please contact Zane Robertson to get the appropriate electronic files to suit your needs. Available material includes:

  • Active Minds logo.
  • Active Minds Partner Community icon (see below).
  • Active Minds static cling window sticker (available by request).
  • Active Minds brochures (available by request).
  • Cost: Free
    active minds

Other Information/Statistics:

  • Our website gets more than 150,000 hits per month. Active Minds partners are listed on the site for free. Click here to see list of partners.
  • Our database consists of over 10,000 seniors still living in their homes. Custom zip sorts and event mailings available upon request.
  • Our Sponsorship Philosophy is modeled after that of public broadcasting. Our goal is to allow sponsors the opportunity to make information available to seniors who wish to receive it.
  • All Active Minds partners receive free consultation as to how to best maximize the benefit of their association with the Active Minds brand and database of potential customers.


The Active Minds Marketing Event we held recently was one of our biggest turnouts ever for a “lead-generating” event. We literally had to turn people away. The success of this event was due to many factors, including the strength of the Active Minds database, the thoroughness of their preparation of all facets of the event, and the power of the Active Minds name to draw people in for what they know will be a stimulating and engaging event. As the host, we achieved results we were after – to showcase our community and to advance our relationships with prospective residents and family members. MorningStar of Applewood is pleased to partner with Active Minds, a life enrichment and educational organization viewed as a trusted source of quality and class for seniors throughout the greater Metro Denver area. To top it off we got a deposit for a new move-in right after the event! —Ann O'Neill, Marketing Director, MorningStar of Applewood

My sponsorship of Active Minds has resulted in a number of successful referrals for my business. My company helps families navigate transitions for their aging loved ones. Because Active Minds is such a trusted resource for seniors, our association with them gives us an advantage when families are seeking help. —Joan Therese Seivert, founder of Connections Unlimited, LLC

We host Active Minds events because our residents love the programming and it's a great way to showcase our building to potential residents. Within two weeks of our first event we had someone sign a new lease as a result! Since then we've gotten another move-in from the programming and we're sure it will continue. We're thrilled with our partnership with Active Minds and we are planning a full schedule of events for this year, it is fast becoming an integral part of our community. —Donna Jack, Community Manager, 1375 High Street

One gentleman came up to me and commented that he will always remember the Maxim name for our sponsorship of this Active Minds event. That's what it's all about! —Krisha Perry, Maxim Healthcare Services

My sponsorship of the Active Minds presentation was definitely worthwhile! Anyone working with seniors should sponsor a program. The opportunities to talk with seniors and discover their needs and fears are wonderful. —Ann Roadarmel, Home Real Estate

We just had a couple move in who cited the Active Minds program as a key part of their decision to move here. When they saw the flier on the wall during a tour, they said, “Oh, you have Active Minds here! That's wonderful! We love them.” —Troy Dunning, Activity Director, Christian Living Clermont Park

The Active Minds program was responsible for one of our recent move ins. We think the program is a great marketing tool. —Cyndy Walters, Atria Inn at Lakewood

We got a move-in from our very first Active Minds event. Sandy attended a program on Venezuela and at that time had no thoughts of assisted living. Two weeks later, however, she realized that caring for her husband was getting overwhelming and she called us. She moved him in the next month. She never would have known about us if it hadn't been for the Active Minds event she attended here. We love the Active Minds programs and it is helping us connect with our future residents! —Michelle Newitt, Marketing Director, MorningStar Senior Living at Applewood.